LA Colors – Drugstore Make Up Haul

Hello all, it’s been a while since I last blogged – it’s been a crazy year! I have recently started my Make Up Artistry Level 3 course and have been on the hunt for some drugstore products I can use to practice my craft with. If practice makes perfect I would like to do so without breaking the bank. I have seen many bloggers from the USA using the brand LA Colours, I have recently found a few stockists in the UK that sell the incredibly cheap brand so thought I’d give it a go. I purchased from the site they sell LA Colours, LA Girl, Milani and other American branded make up. So here’s what I purchased….

7 Jumbo Eye Pencils: These eye pencils perform really well considering they cost £1.49 each! – say whattt! The pigment in them is great, gorgeous colours they do bleed in the crease a little so I would suggest layering a little powder eye shadow of the same colour of the top to reduce smudging/bleeding. Other than that they are a complete bargain and the perfect drugstore buy! Sun Kissed is my favourite.

IMG_1180 IMG_1184

4 Lip Liners: The lip liners I felt didn’t perform as well but for £1 each you can’t complain. The pigment  in them is okay but I just felt like they didn’t actually give any definition to the lip it just looked slightly smudged. Although ‘Sable’ is perfect for a nude lip as if it bleeds you aren’t going to notice as much as the ‘Forever Red’.


That’s all from me lovelies, overall a great drugstore purchase for those practicing application or with less of a budget. Not such a good buy for those looking for a luxury finish to their looks. But again I say £1 -£1.49 can you really complain.

B x


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