Marrakech Photo Journal

Today’s blog is a bit different, i’m posting a small photo journal of my recent trip to Marrakech. The reason for it being ‘small’ is due to the fact that it was a trip that me and my partner went on so the majority of photo’s taken are of us generically standing in front of things. I have picked out my favourite snaps of The Souks, Artisan Centre & the A-mazing Majorelle Gardens. We did see many other sights on our trip, I highly recommend immersing yourself into the Moroccan artisan culture at one point in your life.

Top Tips – Buy a leather bag (or two or three) and do not go in July it was 45 degrees far too hot for us. I hope you enjoy the photo’s and they give you a small insight in to Marrakech. Let me know if you have been to Morocco what were your favourite locations/things to do. Comment with links to your trip reviews, i would love to have a look.

B x

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