A Different Day Out In Norfolk

Yesterday we went on a very different day out compared to our normal weekend activities (eating,shopping and drum & bass nights). We went to Bressingham Steam & Gardens, I know random right. Well I have to say I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the day we spent with Matt’s Parents, looking around all the old trains – nothing like Abellio Greater Anglia let’s just say that. The interiors of the train’s are like houses with bedrooms, bathrooms all in decor from various ages (mainly the 1930’s I believe). They are beautiful pieces of machinery. You learn so much when you step out of the high street and raves every once in a while. This post is full of photo’s and to think I streamlined the selection too – snap happy ๐Ÿ™‚

The second part of the day was spent walking around the beautiful gardens created by the Bloom family. The gardens are filled with beautiful flower beds, plants, cute little ponds and hobbit like huts. I may be somewhat of a novice photographer but I must say the iPhone 5s takes amazing photo’s of flowers, I think so anyway.

Last but not least at Bressingham there is a Dad’s Army Museum. You walk in to a building filled with a street of store’s from the era Dad’s Army was set, again 1940’s I think. I loved walking around as I have a thing for old advertising, signage etc. I used to go to Bressingham Steam & Gardens as a child but I was obviously so fascinated with riding around on the train and getting to see Thomas the Tank Engine that my childhood eyes missed quite a good exhibition. It is a good day out for adults too.

At ยฃ13.99 (with gift aid donation) for a full day out, I really had a good although quite anoraky day. Take a picnic and sit in the gardens, perfect autumn weekend filler. There is also a garden centre, cafe and lovely gift shop, where we bought too much overpriced food – when in rome hey! Want any more infoย http://www.bressingham.co.uk/home.aspx.

I hope you have enjoyed this very different post, I’ll catch up with you all after Bestival – our next adventure ๐Ÿ™‚

B x


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