Makeup Revolution Palettes – Blush, Bronze & Highlights.

Hello you beautiful bunch ❤

Today I’m sharing with you a little review and swatches on some of the Makeup Revolution palettes I have recently purchased. This post is going to focus on the blush, bronze and highlight palettes. The palettes I have picked up are Golden Sugar, Sugar & Spice, Highlight and the Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit.

So let’s start with the Golden Sugar Palette. This amazing selection has 8 pans – 2 bronzers, 2 baked/mixed bronzers, 2 highlighter and 2 baked/mixed blushes. I am so impressed with this palette the colours are on point, the pigment is amazing in all. Be sure to start with a little product and build up with these as you go though, due to the high pigment you can end up with an over highlighted lightbulb look :/ . Checking out at £6 for this beautiful selection I’m definitely repurchasing when I hit pans. (please click on the photo’s for a more in depth view, you can really catch the pigment in them)

Next up the Sugar & Spice Palette. A beautiful mix of 6 blushes in a range of colours from golden to pink, 1 baked/mixed blush and a highlighter. I like that the blush options vary in colour e.g. Aren’t all rouge/pinks as when you are training to achieve more of a bronzed goddess look I like to opt for a more natural peachy tone. The baked blush is definitely my favourite from this bunch though. Again this one is priced at £6 so you really can’t complaint for 7 blushes and a highlighter.

The Highlight palette is something I picked up on a whim, I had never seen it before or read about on any blogs to be honest I don’t even think I looked at what it was I just read highlight palette and it put it straight in my basket (whoops). Although it was an impulse buy I also rate this little trio, the highlights are gorgeous and as you get three you can choose your tone on what look you have going on. My fave I think, remember to start with little again though – still avoiding the lightbulb look! This is the most expensive of my purchases coming to a shocking £8 – I know it’s so cheap it’s crazy!

Lastly I snapped up a Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit, I picked it up in the shade Light/Medium. Now this kit consists of a bronze, blush and highlight trio – I must admit that the blush is far too dark for my skin so is also used as a contour colour along with the bronzer. These colours aren’t as pigmented which is good when you are only seeking to create depth and shadows on the face with the darker colours and then highlight your beautiful natural features with the highlighter. I wouldn’t rush to pick this one up as I think there are better kits on the market but for the small price of £3.50 it must be the best for the price range.

Let me know if you recommend any other palettes or products from them as I am slightly obsessed. I have some eye palettes and lipsticks I will probably show you in the near future.

To have a nosey at their products and jump on the band wagon click here.

Happy Autumn Wishes,

B x


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