Byron Burger Bury St Edmunds Mini Review

Today I have a mini review on the recently opened Byron Burger in Bury St Edmunds. We went on a Sunday afternoon, it was heaving we had a small 5 minute wait which was a lot shorter duration than we expected to wait. The waiters/waitresses were all very polite during our booking and waiting. We sat down in a comfy booth and ordered drinks nothing exciting here I’m afraid, OJ for me and Matt ordered a fresh lemonade but they were out, so coco cola it was. We did later clock that everyone else was trying delicious looking milkshakes (next time) 🙂

Next up food! Byron Burger don’t have a huge menu which I love, it is completely streamlined focusing on ‘Proper Burgers’. For mains we both chose the Skinny Le Smokey Burgers, M had French fries and I opted for the courgette fries. The burgers were delicious, be aware they serve all burgers medium rare unless you request otherwise. I like my burgers cooked, so I requested well done and well done was how it arrived.

The burger was topped with cheese, bacon, and crispy onions – such a superb selection of burger toppings. We chose skinny so we also had a nice sized side salad with a tasty dressing. The French fries were just French fries really nothing amazing to report on them however the courgette fries are my new ‘must order’ item, as I’m sure we will be returning. Anyway just a quick one but I recommend for a decent burger and good service popping in to Byron Burger. Oh the Byron sauce it’s a must taste, lovely burger style sauce with a nice kick. Let me know if you have been what you thought, did you have a different experience. What are your ‘Must Orders’ from Byron Burger?

To check out their menu & locations click here
Lotsa Love

B ❤


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