My Three New Favourite Apps!

Something different for you all today, I went on a bit of a ‘free app spree’ the other Saturday morning and have found some gems I’m going to share with you.

  1. Paperless Post – I am a fully converted online card purchaser (normally personalised) & I am occasionally partial to sending cards via email especially in regards to thanking and congratulating within the blogosphere. I have found the perfect app for sending cards via e-mail. Paperless Post has the most amazing range of cards designed by themselves and many other designers including Kate Spade, I love Kate Spade. Some of the cards and invitations are free designs others you have to use credits to purchase. When you create an account you are given 35 free credits and from there you can purchase credits from Β£4.49. It’s such a handy app if you have lots of people you would like to thank, congratulate plus everything in between but no time to go to the shop and post cards. The designs are also prettier than shop most shop bought cards. The app is free on the app store, it doesn’t however mention that it is available on android.

2. Relax Melodies – I have had a lot going on recently and have decided to try out some meditation and put some relaxing sounds to the test. To help me on my calming mission I downloaded the Relax Melodies app. This app is full of relaxing sounds from rain, birds, campfires even cat purrs. I have been using the sounds to sleep for about a week now and I can say they do help you focus on something other than your racing thoughts. Sleepy sound of choice = Rain! If you unlock all features on the app you can also access many guided meditations and isochronic tones for concentration, relaxation and dreaming. To unlock all features it costs Β£7.99 (currently on offer) otherwise the app is free, available on Apple & Android. Great download to help calm your hectic mind.

3. Cognito – performing quite the opposite function of the last recommendation, this is for brain training. This app tests daily 3 functions of your brain out of speed, reasoning, memory, focus and adaptability. I’m all for giving my brain a boost so I find this quite a fun little app to have. You can set daily reminders at certain times of the day, I like to use it as a brain warm up in the morning πŸ™‚ You can also challenge other online players to see who can win a game focusing on one of the cognitive skills. Fun and Focusing! Free on the App Store, not available on android as far as I can see. Cognito have read my review and have kindly given you all a free week using pro if you follow this linkΒ πŸ™‚

Anyway that’s all from me, thought it would be nice to focus on apps that don’t involve shopping for once. Let me know if you recommend any apps, especially ones relating to relaxation, meditation etc – my new fad.


B ❀


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