October Obsessions

Hey All,

Another month of 2015 down, I just have no words… Okay maybe I do. As always October saw me obsessing over many a thing. It was a very good month for entertainment, I got into a lot of telly. Lots of new music released 100% into that. Of course beauty products dominated my thoughts and expenditure. So let’s have a snoop at what I was obsessing over in October.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 21.29.45

  1. H&M Boots £24.99 – A purchase from my recent trip to H&M some amazing black matte finish ankle boots. These boots were a bit of instant shoe love. I have been looking for a pair for a while now but everytime I spot a pair that I like size 6 are sold out – rarrrr! But not in these shoes they were sitting perfectly on the shelf in my size – win! The boots alongside the black matte faux leather have a fantastically chunky rubber sole which I just adore ❤

2. Lush Fairy Dust £5.95, this amazing body dust has the same scent as the famous Snow Fairy so it smells beautiful. After I have showered using the mentioned Snow Fairy I sprinkle this dust onto my arms, chest, shoulders and neck. It has a little shimmer to it, so beware if your not into that step away! Lush also suggest using it to sprinkle over you bed sheets so you can dream in what I can only describe as scent heaven. If you haven’t tried it or sniffed the sweet sweet smell I suggest going to get it, like now!

3. H&M Nail Polishes £3.99 I recently hit up the H&M beauty section at Intu:Chapelfields Norwich, which by the way I was very pleased to see. I picked up various items which I will save for a later blog post but one of my favourite things I picked up were 4 nail polishes. I could of purchased all of them just saying. I got shades Cinnamon Spark, Copper Cascade, Natural Linen & Mermaid – none of which are online, so I will save a review for another post so I can show you the shades. They are just beautiful and at such a good price I will definitely be getting more.

4. Kill The Noise – Occult Classic. This is by far the my most played album from October. A kind offering from the brilliant Kill The Noise, a perfectly produced debut from one of my favourite Owsla artists. Now i’m no music writer but I love what I hear, I hear a more mature and developed version of dubstep one with meaning and emotion not just crazy sounds. Although if that is what your after you have to check out the track Dolphin On Wheels – full of crazy dolphin noises.

5. Eyelure Cheryl 114 Eyelashes £5.49 I haven’t worn eyelashes for ages, for this reason – I thought Eyelure had stopped making the 114 lashes. They haven’t, I found them in Asda and bought them obviously then returned home to find they are still being sold everywhere on and offline. I don’t know why I thought they had stopped selling these but I am so glad I have them back in my life. The 114 Cheryl lashes are perfect if you want lengthy but not very voluminous lashes. I love them because they look natural, they have the invisi glue strip and they have the angled edge making them look lovely and natural.

6. Doctor Foster – Everyone on the blogosphere and social media has been ranting and raving about this show, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet in order to reduce spoiler damage. If you haven’t seen it, you need to try and watch it. Just give it a go, I think it’s worth it – I loved it so enough said yes?

Let me know if you check any of my obsessions out, I’d love to know what you thought.

Speak soon,

B x


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