Christmas Jumpers Love or Hate?

Hello All,

I love everything about Christmas I really do, even the mad panic. One thing I struggle with though is the Christmas Jumper. I see so many around that are just awful and when I have had to wear them in the past I have just felt uncomfortable. So this year I have decided to face my fear and pick out some christmas jumpers I would actually wear. Perfect for christmas jumpers days at work or for Text Santa’s Christmas Jumper Day on the 18th December. Most of my picks are lyrical or text as I find images of santa and elves well a bit cringe. All my selections would look great under a jacket, with a blanket scarf and jeans. Let’s take a look……


I would love to hear your take on the christmas jumper, or see what your favourites are this year. So please do comment below and share links.

Much Love,

B x


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