Tis the season to be jolly, right? Well although some of us are very happy spending time with loved ones, buying gifts and eating thing’s we shouldn’t we must remember that this is not the case for everyone. It is unfortunate that some people will be spending this christmas alone, broke and hungry. This post is not meant to put a downer on your festive celebrations, it is meant to remind us that this season we can make a difference!

If we could spare a thought or act of kindness for just one person this christmas can you imagine how much it would mean to them? I have come up with a small list of ideas of how we can give something back this year, some big some small. This post was inspired by hearing about the #1MillionHours campaign that Radio 1 and 1Xtra have launched. I am no preacher I have already taken part in Operation Christmas Child and have more planned from my list. I will continue to do more and I hope you all will too, hopefully my little list will do some good ❤

  1. Pledge your time to Radio 1’s #1MillionHours volunteering campaign. You can pledge hours to volunteer for 4 different charities. Age UK, Barnardos, Cancer Research UK and Oxfam. You will be put in touch with an organiser from your chosen charity who will request that you spend your hours helping in various ways. Visit the site here  to find out more and give some of your time to help others!
  2. Donate to a food bank, most supermarkets have these near the exit. All you have to do is pick up a few bits as your doing your weekly shop and pop them in the food box on your way out. Food banks help charities put together food packages and hampers for families and individuals who can not afford to eat this christmas.
  3. Put a few coins in those charity buckets! Over the season you will see many people collecting money for charities some may be in the streets some may be helping you to pack your bags. When you see one just think about how much change you can spare, I’m sure most of us can give just a few coins.
  4. Go and visit that member of your friend group or family that will be alone of christmas day. If you know someone who will be spending christmas alone invite them round or go to see them. Even if it’s not Christmas Day. Spending the season on your own can cause terrible emotional stress even if they say ‘don’t worry I’ll be fine’ I’m sure it would make all the difference.
  5. Volunteer for Crisis at Christmas, they are looking for 10,000 volunteers this year to help with anything from serving food to providing musical entertainment. You can see if you have anything local to you here.
  6. Text Santa is a fantastic way of giving back over Christmas. Take part in the christmas jumper day on the 18th December, organise a jumper competition at work or a bake sale. You can download a fundraising pack here or watch the show and text to donate.
  7. Get your group of girls together and create care packages for local women’s shelters. Fill them with little luxuries such as washing products, hair products, chocolates and a PJ set. Why not throw in all those samples you’ve collected over the year. What seems like essentials to us are luxuries for women in need. You can find local services for Women’s Aid here.
  8. Buy somebody a gift that donates a percentage or all of the proceeds to a charity, it will benefit the charity and provide a warm feeling to the recipient. Something like the Pink Flamingo mug from Breast Cancer Care is the perfect ‘more than a gift, gift’.

There is always someone more worse off than ourselves, so let’s try as a blogging collective to make someone’s christmas special this year. If you can’t give money why not try and give some time!

Let me know if you take part in any fundraising, volunteering etc etc . I love reading about good being achieved. I will update on my activities probably over twitter and instagram so be sure to follow me.


B ❤



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  1. Emily says:

    What a brilliant post! I’ve heard about Radio 1’s 1 Million Hours and myself and my boyfriend have signed up with Age UK, hopefully we’ll be able to visit a few people and make a tiny difference!


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