Belated Lush Christmas Haul!

Hello Lovelies,

I feel like this post is a bit behind schedule, but I had taken all the photo’s so I’m going to post it anyway and just hope you haven’t read this 1000 times over on other blogs. Guess what…….? I got lots of Lush products for christmas. I bloody love Lush always have always will! Honestly if your entering 2016 and haven’t tried anything from Lush, come on now get on this bandwagon it’s been a long time coming!

So let’s have a sneak at what I got from my lovely friends and family this year!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar & Magic Wand Bubble Bar. I love the scent of the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar it has that sweet candy smell about it that I love! I was so excited about the Magic Wand bubble bar as I am still a small princess at heart and the thought of swishing this through the water makes me a very happy girlie! I love the scent too it has that ‘Snow Fairy-esque’ scent about it. These products are both limited for the festive season, so if you didn’t get to try them out in 2015 pop them on your 2016 wishlist.


Celebrate Body Lotion. I had never tried this lotion before, so it was a lush first for me. Absolutely love the scent – very festive citrus with a splash of booze. It takes you right back to December and has a dreamy silky formula. Again I believe this product is limited to the festive season, so be sure to look out for it this year.


Cup O’Coffee Face & Body Mask. I absolutely adore this mask let me say that now! I love anything coffee scented and this mask smells edible. It is exfoliating and just the right amount, it isn’t too abrasive on the skin. It didn’t make me break out after using which is always a bonus in my books. You just leave it on for 10-15 mins and rinse, it’s the perfect Sunday morning mask. You can get yours here.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel. Snow Fairy Shower Gel is my all time favourite product from Lush, I adore it! It’s so pink and the smell is the famous candy vanilla scent, that is featured in quite a few of their products now 🙂 I get so excited every year when it get’s closer to Christmas for the release of this bad boy. I was lucky enough to receive a 100g bottle & a KG bottle too – drunk on Snow Fairy!!

Beautiful Shower gel. This shower gel has very quickly become my ‘must have’ in a morning shower. It has a wonderful sunshine yellow/goldy tone to it with glitter flakes running through the gel. The scent is an energising peach/citrus it is the perfect shower gel to put some zing in your zoom on a dull morning 🙂 Get your A.M. buzz here.

So that’s what I got from Lush and I’m glad I finally shared that with you, I have been sitting on it for quite a while now 🙂

What were your winning bath and body products you received last christmas, or what would you like to try from Lush? Let me know in the comments below, I love a natter with you all. Check out the other wonderful offerings Lush have to offer click here!

Catch you later!

B x



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