Vichy Idealia Cream Review

Hello Beauties,

I have a review for you today on one of my new skincare essentials the Vichy Idealia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream.

I have been using this cream since christmas after I received two small sample bottles in a beauty hamper I got from a member of family. I fell in love pretty quickly and re-purchased as soon as I had emptied the samples. I have struggled with a lot of creams/moisturisers in the past because although I have pretty clear skin, I am susceptible to break outs caused by using heavy skincare products. So needless to say I have tried a lot, I mean a lot!

So what does the Idealia cream claim to do you may ask? Vichy says that the Idealia cream has many sought after benefits to the skin including:

– Skin feels more even, smoother, supple and refined
– The complexion is more radiant
– Skin is replumped with moisture
– Skin looks more youthful, fresher and healthier

I can 100% say that this cream makes my skin so much more radiant, and smooth. The tips of my fingers glide across my skin now, whereas before my skin felt slightly rigid. It is fantastically moisturising I use it at night time. It sinks into the skin at a good speed and does not leave the skin feeling oily. I can’t really comment on it making my skin look youthful as I’m only 23 I would like to think my skin looks rather youthful anyway! But it definitely looks fresher and more luminous. I have no break outs using this cream either which is a massive bonus for me, my skin just loves it! 

The negative of this cream for me is that is comes in a pot, with skin care I would usually look for products in pumps or bottles for the hygiene benefits.

I know this cream has been around for quite sometime, but if you still haven’t found the one for you I recommend you give this a go! I got mine from lookfantastic for £25.00 🙂 I’m a huge fan of Vichy products, I am yet to find one my skin doesn’t like.

I have come into 2016 with a new found love for skincare, I have tried to shake up my routine a little so there will be a few more reviews to come! Let me know your cult skincare products, I am still looking for some to try!

Speak Soon,

B x


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