Unconventional Inspiring Etsy Prints

Hello you fabulous bunch,

I hope your 2016 is in full swing now and your cracking on well with your resolutions. If not I may have a few things to help along the way. In the blogosphere we are continually bombarded with inspirational quotes using gorgeous typography. But do you ever get bored of the same quotes over & over? I know I do. As much as I love ‘She believed she could, so she did’ I thought I would gather a few alternative motivational prints from Etsy for those with a more RARRRR attitude to achieving their goals. I have collected all the prints shown below from very talented Etsy sellers, they are all printable so you can just download and print at home/work.

  1. Damn it feels good to be a gangster – Redwood & Vine £6.68
  2. Messy bun and getting it done- Blue Elephant Prints £4.18
  3. Shit could be worse – Typo Art House £4.55
  4. Carpe that fucking diem – Planeta444 £4.09
  5. You will kick ass today – PrintsDigital £4.48
  6. Let that shit go – AT Art Digital £4.18
  7. Fake it till you make it! – Missy Motivational £7.32
  8. #Killingit – Serena Rivera Designs £4.18

So if you need a bit of a kick up the arse or a reminder it isn’t all that bad, I recommend giving one of these a cheeky purchase. Another plus to purchasing these is that these make for the easiest home decor or desk re-vamp, as you just print them at home. Stick them in an old frame or go and pick one up for about 20p from the charity shop and your away!

If your not on Etsy I highly recommend you get on there it is like a bloggers dream, the prints, decor, stationary, mugs etc etc. I love it 🙂

What are your favourite motivational quotes? Please comment below or leave links!

Speak soon dreamers,

B x

N.B I do not own the images, they have been beautifully made by the creators and sellers linked above ❤


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