Eve Lom Morning Cleanser Review

Hello Beautiful People!!

I have another skincare review for you today – I’m so obsessed !

I was ordering a few products from lookfantastic.com the other day and was very pleased to see they were offering a free goody bag of beauty bits when ordering over a certain amount. Part of this goody bag was the Eve Lom Morning Cleanser – as you can imagine I was over the moon to see this! I have heard loads about Eve Lom across the blogosphere, unfortunately I have always shied away from purchasing anything due to the price. So you can picture my excited little face when I pulled this out of the bag.


The cleanser comes in a sleek bottle, with a push to dispense cap. I really like the design of this packaging as I’m a bit funny about the hygiene of skin care products.

So what do Eve Lom claim this Morning Time Cleanser can do?

  • Quick and easy rinse-off cleansing balm
  • Wakes up your skin
  • Helps your skin look and feel soft, youthful and radiant

The cleanser is a balm which you warm up between your hands and massage into the skin using circular movements. It feels very luxurious and silky on your skin and smells quite comforting – can’t quite put my finger on the scent. I left it for 2-3 minutes before rinsing as the bottle instructs. It definitely left my skin feeling soft and it didn’t feel oily at all, which is good for a balm. After using for a few weeks I have not noticed any increase in the level of oils,dryness or breakouts in my skin – so these are all big ticks in the cleanser!

I do like the luxurious feel to this product, however it is such a shame that I can not justify spending the £40.00 asking price. If this cleanser is in your price range I highly recommend as it leaves your skin feeling lovely. Have you tried any Eve Lom products before? Can you recommend any cleansers under £25.00? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

That’s all from me,

B x


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