Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base

Hello All,

Got a little beauty review for you today woooooo, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base. I have loved nearly every product I have purchased from Makeup Revolution, so when I saw this addition to the tiny makeup rev stand in my local Superdrug I had to pick it up.


Let’s talk about the Aqua Priming Base Spray, I have seen a lot of priming waters around the blogosphere lately and when I spotted this offering from Makeup Revolution I had to pick it up. The spray comes in a push spray bottle, the black and copper branding is quite aesthetically pleasing. The bottle claims that this product is a ‘lightweight spray primer providing the perfect base for underneath your makeup’. I have been using this spray for a few weeks now and love it, I mean I really love it. I spray it across my face from a distance every morning after cleansing and moisturising. It settles on the face just like water does leaving no stickiness or oils, once dried you can go ahead and do the rest of your makeup. Easy peasey!

The spray does create the perfect base for my makeup. It adds dew to skin so you have more of a healthy glow. I have also used it on top of my makeup when I am after that dewy glow. The spray is so light, that it can be made into quite the versatile product. Another big bonus for me is that my skin loves it too, so no blocked pores and no break outs – win win.

I have not stopped using this since I purchased it and I haven’t used any of my other primers since. Coming in at £6 it is a hell of a lot cheaper than other primers too. I would love to know if any of you have found any more water based priming sprays I could try. Have you purchased the Make Up Revolution Spray, let me know what you thought?

You can pick one up HERE!

Speak Soon,

B ❤




8 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base

  1. aanthblogs says:

    This looks amazing! I saw the Fixing Spray in the shop today but didn’t know whether it was any good, so I’m searching for reviews. But I’ve been looking for a new primer and this sounds perfect, might have to pick it up! Great review:)

    Anth! |


  2. Becky says:

    I loveeeeeee makeup revolution, so I’m definitely putting this on my shopping list. Ive never had any luck with primers, so I’m Deffo gonna try this out, especially because it’s so cheap. It sounds wonderful and like it really does work, I look forward to trying it out! Xx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky


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