Carli Bybel + BH Cosmetics Palette

Hello Loves,

I’m still so excited about the product I am reviewing today, so please excuse the overly keen comments. You are in for a treat, today I am showing you the Carli Bybel and BH Cosmetics Palette! I know this palette isn’t brand new but it has been on my wish list for a long time and I now own it – eeeeeek!! See I said I was over excited.

I have watched Carli’s channel for years now and have always loved it. She always looks beautiful, her makeup and styling is flawless – a true Youtube beauty guru! I remember her announcing this palette last year and I was determined to get it straight away but it sold out so so quickly and I have only just remembered to pick one up.


The palette is in gorgeous white, quilted print packaging – very glam! I don’t own any white palettes so this sticks out beautifully in my collection. For those worrying about getting their dirty mitts on it I’m pretty sure it has a wipe clean surface. Inside the palette is a big mirror on the top half and 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters on the bottom half.

The eyeshadows are amazing – just amazing. The colours are gorgeous and the pigmentation is on point. The matte colours had a bit of fall out on the palette when I swatched but when I applied to my eye with a brush I had no fall out onto my cheeks. The colours range from champagnes, mauves, golden to dark browns. There is not a single colour I don’t like in all honesty. You can make a natural champagne golden eye to a deep mauve smokey eye. It’s perfect.

There are 4 highlighters one pinky, one champagne, one golden and the last is a deep bronze. They are all equally as beautiful as the others although for my skin tone I would only use the first two and maybe try the third if I had a tan. However I will doubling them up as eyeshadows and bronzer pick me up’s as I will let no product go to waste! The highlighters aren’t overly shimmery or chalky so you don’t have two obvious light beams down your cheekbones.

Are you ready for the best bit? I paid $12.5o for this, which is £8.70 – £8.70 I can’t believe I got a palette of this quality with 12 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters for that price. I had to pay £3.84 shipping but I was not complaining, I can pay more that for UK national shipping. You can pick one up here, for the price I can’t rate it enough.

I think you should pick it up 100% and let me know if there are any other BH Cosmetics products I need in my life! I feel a new obsession coming on, I would love to try the Galaxy Chic and Nude Blush Palettes.

Speak Soon,

B x


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