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Hi There,

Thanks for visiting the blog here is some more information on moi!

I started blogging in April of 2015 after years of reading and being influenced by blogs. I started paying much more attention to what products bloggers would recommend and as I started buying them I thought people might like to read my reviews. So my blogging story began, since then I have loved posting about various subjects under the beauty, fashion & lifestyle umbrella. I love the community that blogging let’s you in to and that’s why I continue to share my thoughts and ramblings with the world. My first love is music, always has been and always will be. I would love to cover some D&B or Grime gigs in 2016, let me know if you need coverage on anything you have lined up.

I am a Semi-Qualified Payroll Executive by day and a Super Studying Blog Loving Pyjama Wearer by night! My interests and career keep my busy, but that is just how I like it. Please contact me or follow me on my other social channels, I would love to hear from you. I am completely PR Friendly operating on the basis of honesty and preference, I will collaborate with brands and products that fit my blog or that interest me. Please send me an email with any queries you may have. Other than that the blog is full of blank pages to be filled.

Many Thanks, Bex ❤


Twitter: @bexblogs


Turn Right At The Geese


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